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Summertime, time to work on outdoor projects!

It you have any wood decking, fencing, outdoor furniture or have done any outdoor painting you might have heard of or seen Flood® Wood Care in your local hardware store or home improvement store. Since 1841, Flood® Wood Care, The Wood Care Specialist, has been manufacturing stain products that clean, prepare and protect exterior wood. Started by house painters it's a product I grew up with and trust. Most summers I helped my father clean up our beach house and the outdoor living space. He used Flood® products to clean the wood fences, stain our wooden Adirondacks and picnic table and even used their paint additives when he painted the house.
This summer I'm putting in new fences to separate my raised bed garden from the rest of the backyard. After seeing this beautiful fence on the website I'm rethinking colors for the fences. Not only will the colors add to the overall look but it's good to know I'm protecting and preserving the wood from moisture and sun damage. If you're looking to paint a deck or fence with solid color there are more than 51 different stain colors with a 15 year guarantee  on wood siding and a 5 year guarantee on decks. Adding color to your outdoor space could completely change the way you think about your summer improvement projects. From Seafood Green to Robin's Egg you can create a unique look and feel good about preserving your investment.  
Do you have any wood care projects this summer? A new deck, fencing, house painting or even wooden planter boxes? Flood® Wood Care is the best solution. Need wood care tips? Or looking for information on how to prep outdoor wood surfaces?  Visit the image gallery for ideas, design options and color finishes. What color combinations would make you want to spend more time outdoors?

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