the paper monster...

I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.  Willa Cather, 1913

I have spent much of the past week and a half removing paper clutter from my file cabinets and boxes. I'm in the middle of a refinance and I can't find statements I need...every drawer, box, pile has been overturned...and I wonder why I keep so much paper! My sister has promised she will help me organize my file cabinets when she comes to visit. I have already shredded two large bank boxes, recycled stacks of magazines and donated boxes of books. I have switched to online statements for my businesses and removed myself from mailing lists, as of two weeks ago as soon as I get the mail I shred, file and recycle every piece of paper that comes into the house. 

How do you keep the paper clutter from taking over your productive writing space? I look forward to the day when the refinance is behind me and I can get back to working creatively...

Now get back to work!

Buried in paper,
The Writing Nag