A Thousand Words A Day

"I read somewhere that is was a good idea to write a thousand words a day. Virginia Woolf said it, and Kay Boyle...A thousand words a day. Another way to think of that is four pages. Four pages a day." 
Carolyn See, Making A Literary Life

Do you have a set writing goal for the day? Or do you just sit at the keyboard or with a lined pad and wait for inspiration. Today I will most likely hit this goal...but everyday? Could you write a thousand words every day? What would that look like? What could you accomplish? This week I'm making it my goal to write at least a thousand words a day. What is your writing goal for the week? Now get back to work!

I just finished watching the 1999 BBC series Wives and Daughters on Netflix. I love period pieces and this was so well done that I'm thinking about the characters between episodes. Loved it!

The Writing Nag