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For me the beginning of every new year brings another vow to get healthier, exercise more and to find balance in my life. This year when my scale broke I decided not to buy a new one and instead I have concentrated on getting fit by taking a fun but very challenging exercise class that has pushed me out of my comfort zone and choosing nutritious healthy foods as often as possible.  I’m often looking to the Internet for recipes, articles and advice from others like myself who are trying to stay healthy. A new site sponsored by Jennie-O Turkey Store, Wellness Daily, www.wellnessdaily.com offers users a community of health conscious people that want the most significant news as it relates to “exercise, healthy eating, weight-loss and mental well-being.” Watching the weight-loss shows on television can be discouraging for many people because they make it look easy but getting and staying healthy is a lifelong commitment and it can be a challenge. Planning your meals ahead of time is key as is finding healthy substitutes for foods that you love. I recently found a Sesame Turkey Stir Fry with heart healthy cashews on the site that has become a regular quick and delicious thirty-minute meal.

What I learned this year is that I need a group setting to be successful, when I tried to do it on my own I just didn’t push myself enough. Finding a class that I love, which is a small group of women with a personal trainer, not only gave me accountability but has set in motion a commitment to continue on a healthier living plan. It also helps that I live in Colorado so the days when I’m not at the gym it’s easy to hike, bike and walk most of the year.

For the first 25,000 registered users on the site, Jennie O Turkey Store, is offering a rebate up to $5.00 on one of their products.  Visit www.wellnessdaily.com and look for videos, recipes, weight-loss tips, opinions and more on a healthy lifestyle.   

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