Life is energy

"Life is energy, and energy is creativity. And even when individuals pass on, the energy is retained in the work of art, locked in it and awaiting release if only someone will take the time and the care to unlock it."
Marianne Moore

It is snowing in Colorado Springs and I guess in a lot of other places in the country.

I guess I'm not officially done with the semester until I receive my advisor's comments and see if I passed but I just finished my self-evaluation and now it makes sense why I feel so tired. I'm posting my resource list for the last semester in hopes that some of you would find as much out of these books that I did and yes I read or referenced every book. It was a challenging semester for me but now I have a rough draft of my poetry collection and although I see a lot of work ahead of me, that does feel pretty good. I'm sure my last semester will fly by and then graduation is ahead of me. 

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