What Do Writer's Want for Christmas?

Last year I wrote an article on the best gifts for writer's. And this year I am asking you. What do you want for the holidays as it relates to your writing? Please post your answers in the comment section and I'll post all of the answers as I receive them. 

The Writing Nag

Jessica wants a bigger corkboard...that book with all the plots in it...a set of 10 muji pens...a new day planner...poetry magnets...a bottle of inspiration!

Susan wants want more people to join the Trevolution and buy my books.

On a pure craft side, I want the clarity to fix what's bugging me about the current WIP, the ability to fix it seamlessly (okay, seamlessly after a few editing passes) and a fabulous story that'll win me new readers.

But that seems a lot to ask for, so I'll be happy with books sold.