Win a Front of the Line Pass to Manta!

Did you know a group of manta rays are called a fever? That the manta ray is one of the five largest species of fish? That manta rays have blue or green eyes? That you could experience the thrill of the newest flying roller coaster and learn all about this amazing creature at Manta?

Opening May 22, 2009 at SeaWorld Orlando Manta is much more than just a thrilling roller coaster ride it's also a one-of-a-kind educational experience for everyone. Visit Ride Manta and see how you can participate in 6 different activities for your chance of a "front-of-the-line-pass" to the only flying roller coaster of its kind. These easy and fun activities include Twitter, quizzes, YouTube, filling your row and more!

Experience being strapped to the belly of a giant manta ray as you and 31 of your closest friends glide and spin through the air at high speed. Witness a giant Pacific octopus, a Southern Stingray, a Spotted Eagle Ray be immersed in a world of schooling tropical fish, sea dragons and amazing rays many rarely seen. Floor-to-ceiling aquariums offer a view of an exciting underwater world. SeaWorld Orlando is the only place you can experience this ride! Visit their site for photos, video clips, and the chance to win your "front-of-the-line-pass" at Manta!