WOOF Winners for January 30, 2009

WOOF Contest – Top Picks
~willow~ - “Observe! How not to meditate?” - A tongue-in-cheek look at how (not) to meditate.
Patricia Schoenberger - “Event Horizon” - This is a poem that I wrote, loosely inspired by the scientific term, Event Horizon.
~willow~ - “Lost in Lust” - 17 words, 7 lines, 1 hot poem!
khaye cardenas - “The Fiction Writer - A fiction writer's life.
Dragon Blogger - “Bedroom Jungle” - Random twitter word poem about passion in the bedroom, great poem made from random words.

About Writing
Catherine @ Sharp Words - “My love affair with poetry” - The first part of a brief series describing my life with poetry.
Writing Nag - “The Magic of Three” - What is the rule of three in writing? How does the rule of three work in writing? This post gives examples of the rule of three in creative writing and includes the Writing Nag's rule of three.
Fiction - Charlotte Faulkner - “blood is blood is blood and love is true vision” - Charlotte, a freshman at Bailey University, reflects about the inauguration, her crush, and life at college.
Opinion / Tributes / Philiosphy / Thoughts
JHS, Esq. - “Tuesday's Tribute: Florence Wendland” - A tribute to my client, the late Florence Wendland, from whom I learned a great deal about unconditional love, commitment, tenacity, and faith.
Hopeful spirit - “The New America: A Call to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable” - At last, Barack Obama has assumed office and the United States has entered a new era. He challenges us to disagree with each other without being disagreeable and, toward that end, included a diverse and eclectic group of people to share in his inauguration ceremony and festivities. Can America rise to his challenge?

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