The Creative Mind-Mapper

Today, marks my 606th post since I started blogging! Wow, I hope at least one of them was useful to a fellow writer, poet, artist or creative soul. Sometimes I think I have nothing to say but then a creative idea comes into my life and another post is born. I have no blogging goals this year other than to share creative writing/art ideas with others who are as inspired by language and art as I am. If you have a link, a website, an idea to share please comment so we can keep the ideas flowing. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing in 2008. Here's to a creatively inspired 2009!

I have a feeling my friend, writer/photographer and poetess extraordinaire Yvonne Garcia already knows about this site because I have a vague recollection of her using something like this at our last residency. Anyways, I signed up yesterday thanks to local friend artist/writer/photographer extraordinaire, Rhonda Van Pelt and created a FREE account and it's so much fun. Because I'm most definitely a visual learner and the site is very easy to navigate I can already see this being used for many, many projects. Working out lines of a poem, using it to outline a paper, doing a character study, putting your novel or chapters together visually, making decisions, organizing a trip. Let me know what you think and how you could use the site as a jumping off point for a writing or creative project.
Mind mapping is not a new concept but anything that adds technology to it makes it more likely that I will use it. I've done the "old fashioned" mind map...very useful. One that I can access online, share with friends, and edit easily...very exciting.
Today, if you're unfamiliar with mind-mapping read how this technique can be a helpful tool for note-taking, creative projects, memory tapping and more. Now get back to work!

The Writing Nag