Kmart Brings Back Layaway

Maybe some of my readers are too young to remember layaway, but for me layaway was as much a part of Christmas shopping as a Christmas club at the bank. Most families I grew up with were like mine, you didn't buy something if you didn't have the money for it. Most families didn't have credit cards. Credit cards were used primarily for businesses and cash was king. Layaway was started as a way to encourage customers to save for big purchases by paying off a little at a time, and here's the interest!! My mother would start her Christmas shopping early with layaway in mind. Each week after my father got paid we would stop at the layaway counter and she would pay what she could afford that week. Paying this way meant she didn't have to worry about putting out a huge chunk of money at once.

So for the newcomers to layaway, here's how it works:

1. Go to Kmart and pick out your items.

2- Look for the Layaway counter and make a down payment. Most stores I remember required a percentage of your purchase as a down payment.

3- Make a payment every 2 weeks.

4- Pick up your items within 8 weeks after you're paid in full.

Read more at their website and download a $5 OFF coupon for even more savings. This year's economy might have brought back a little bit of nostalgia.

Take advantage of Kmart Layaway for the Holidays and have a happy holiday!

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