Losing Your Words

If there is one cause every creative person should consider supporting it's the Alzheimer's Memory Walk. Many families have been touched by Alzheimer's and the numbers are growing at an alarming rate. Today there is no cure although progress is being made to help with symptoms. By participating it in the walk you are offering someone a chance that in the future we can defeat this disease.

At one of my first jobs the owner's mother had Alzheimer's disease. Her husband of 45 years faithfully visited her in the nursing home daily; it was heartbreaking to listen to his stories of the progressive disease. He would often take me for drives and tell me stories of their courtship and places they used to visit. He often talked about how he thought their last years would be together, he couldn't have imagined losing her little bits at a time.

If you can walk you can participate, click on the link for information on how to become a team captain and help raise needed funds and awareness for this cause.

The walk is easy, usually a 2-3 mile weekend walk in the fall. Today more than 600 communities are set up to participate, if you're in a community that isn't already involved see what you can do to start the process or support a friend by sponsoring their walk. Go to the national Alzheimer's Association website to read more about progress being made, early signs of Alzheimer's, and what you can do to help support the association.