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I think I went to Las Vegas at the wrong time of the seems like this summer all of the great acts are playing in Vegas. My favorite illusionist, Criss Angel is now playing at the Luxor. If you've never seen his show you're missing out on in my opinion the greatest illusionists and escapologist alive. Like Harry Houdini Criss Angel is a master of mind manipulation but he differs in the way he personally draws the audience into his magical world, the show is aptly titled Believe. It's obvious that he's worked tirelessly to get the illusions perfect, you will be a believer. If you've ever seen his television show you know that Las Vegas is where his magic belongs. I can only image how amazing his illusions will be combined with Cirque Du Soleil's theatre and the Las Vegas atmosphere. In his new show Criss' character is a Victorian Noble who encounters different characters throughout the performance. Dancers, performers and the Cirque Du Soleil experience combine with Criss Angel's surreal imaginative world. The Victorian mood and emotion work well with Criss Angel's magic, I'm sure this will be "sitting on the edge of your seat entertainment".Unlike his television show, where he does one illusion after another similar to Houdini; these illusions will be interwoven into the story, so you won't know where and when the stunning illusions will be presented.I wonder if he chose the Victorian character to play homage to the great Victorian illusionist Houdini, another magician and escapologist who was ahead of his time. Fantastic showmanship and unbelievable magic.
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