A movie star & a rock star

"Those who don't read good books have little advantage over those who can't read them."
--Mark Twain

My first celebrity sighting at the restaurant! Dan Futterman, Oscar winning actor, screenwriter and producer ate lunch at our place yesterday with some other writers/actors that were in town for the Dave Schultz International Memorial at the Olympic Training Center. I'm a HUGE fan of Mr. Futterman's t.v. work (played Amy's brother, a struggling writer in Judging Amy) his most recent movie role (A Mighty Heart) he starred opposite Angelina Jolie as Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearlman who was tragically slain.

I could hardly croak the words out how much I admire him as an actor. You think you're not star struck until you're placed in that situation.

Also saw U2-3D this weekend. As a lifelong U2 fan I highly recommend it. Bono is a ROCK STAR.

The Writing Nag

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