Finding Your Voice

"To gain your own voice, forget about having it heard. Become a saint of your own province and your own consciousness." --Allen Ginsberg

Thanks to all who posted about some of their favorite creative blogs.I'm going to have to schedule some time this weekend to pay a visit to each one. Most of the blogs that I read on a regular basis I have found through friend's recommendations and social blogging networks such as Blogcatalog, BlogLog, Technorati and most recently Entrecard and Project Wonderful. I just started with Entrecard and Project Wonderful in the last two weeks and the amount of blogs out there is staggering. The last statistics I read there are more than 11 million blogs online. So regular readers please feel free to give me suggestions about creative bloggers/writers you read. At the end of the month I will compile them in one post.

Through Entrecard I found a great article on finding your voice as a writer and a blogger that I thought you'd find interesting.

How to find your voice? I think it develops over time as you continue your daily writing practice. When I read work I wrote ten years ago it is different from my voice today. And my blogging voice is different than my short story voice. There are quite a few writing-craft books out there on voice, and some I have read but I don't think this is something that can be taught in comes with time and experience. Read, read, read to hear other voices but work on your own.
The Writing Nag