Writing Short, Lean and Pointed

"You learn by writing short stories. Keep writing short stories. The money's in novels, but writing short stories keeps your writing lean and pointed."
--Larry Niven

I'm been so enamored with poetry lately that my short story writing has suffered. I still think about working on them but poems are short and quickly written and easily submitted. But I love the short story genre, as you know if you're a regular reader. The problem is many of my shorts grow and I've had many a writing teacher say "this needs to be a chapter in a novel."

How to write a short story?Start here.
Today, write an outline for a short story, or come up with an idea that you can work on later. Better yet, start a notebook or a journal for all of your ideas, so when you have the time to write you have a starting point. Now get back to work!


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