Selling Online with Ashop Commerce

Shopping card software does not have to be difficult. After researching many options, I'm taking a second look at Ashop Commerce. Their website states that "Ashop commerce is a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software." And they offer a complete solution for merchants to sell online.
Their website is easy to navigate, and they have many samples on their website. And the best part is that they offer a 10 day free trial to try out their services without a credit card. They also offer other services like logo design, home page design, and website design. If you're like me just getting started with selling items online, you need a reliable company that understands the needs of a flegling small business. Too many companies assume you know all about this stuff and I'm still learning. Why not use a company that gives you six great reasons. Affordability, ease of use, support and customer service, design and total solution.When I choose a ecommerce company I want one that won an award for “best technology in small business”.